Lineage 2: Revolution – Tips and Tricks

Lineage 2: Revolution – Tips and Tricks

Not many MMORPG games can boast the heavy (and amazing) specs of Lineage 2: Revolution. As of the very moment of this publication, it remains in the high class of those elite mobile games that operate on the Unreal Engine 4. What this means, for gamers who aren’t aware is that you get access to the most awesome visuals you will ever see on any iOS or Android mobile device!

Several things help Lineage 2: Revolution stand out boldly from the pack. If you’re very familiar with gaming platforms, then you know just how rare it is to have a platform that supports massive and heavy real-time battles the way that Lineage 2: Revolution does. The level of freedom, diversity and versatility that it offers all gamers is nothing short of amazing. You can do virtually anything from participate in awesome PvP combat to joining your follow players in massive units to take them humongous bosses!

That being said, Lineage 2: Revolution can be a truly challenging game to play, that is, if you don’t make yourself aware of a few things.

Here are a few tricks to have in your bag, if you want to have a swell time playing this top-notch game:

Mind Your Class

Class selection is vital in every MMORPG, and Lineage 2: Revolution is certainly no exception. From Human Paladin to Elf Elder and Dark Elf Blade Dancers, you are literally spoilt for choice. However, be sure to choose the class that best complements your style of play and goals.

Don’t Forget to Level Up

Even if you’re playing on one of the best Lineage 2 servers you still won’t get very far, if you don’t level up right. For instance, leveling up your passive skills first is especially important as it gives you the leverage you need to boost the heavier, active ones.

Learn Your Runes

These a very big part of this game. However, it is important you don’t over the relevance of these runes. Also, they are pretty pricey to learn, so you want to choose what you get and how you use it pretty sparingly.