How to Make Your First Video

How to Make Your First Video

Some people find it very difficult to create their first video, as there are many steps and technical requirements to understand. Although the internet is filled with tons of tutorials and boot camps that can help, they are often very complicated and extensive. As a result, a sense of nervousness and confusion is created.

Choose a video topic

Before starting to record, you will first need to choose a topic. Decide your niche and stick to it.

List down ideas in detail

After selecting your video niche, list down the ideas and scenarios on paper. Think about different situations creatively and brainstorm your ideas by seeing related video content.

Create a final script and divide it into multiple parts

Since the ideas have been noted down, describe them in detail. Put subheadings and additional sections related to the video and write a complete script. Write all you got on paper and arrange it properly. Finally, eliminate the lines that you think are redundant. These steps create a complete video script for you.

Find the right spot

Perform the location scouting and see well-lit areas.

Set up your laptop

After deciding on the video idea, locations, and script, set up your laptop with appropriate video editing software. Download adobe premiere or use IMovie for Mac.

Also, install the necessary plugins and add-ons to help you create the video.


Finally, record the video by reading the script in a fair manner. Read different parts or sections of the script in different areas or according to your choice.

Gather the footage

After recording, put all the video footage on your laptop and arrange it in an organized manner.


Edit the video by combining different clips and cutting out redundant parts. Also, add background music where necessary.

Upload and enjoy

After editing the video, export it from the software and upload it where you want.