As a Beginner, How Long Should I Work Out?

As a Beginner, How Long Should I Work Out?

How long should I work out? The common question among many fitness beginners. Unfortunately, there’s no one-fits-all answer to this question.

This is because numerous factors dictate how long a set should last. In this article, we share with you what you need to consider before sweating yourself in the gym.

Your fitness level

Well, how fit are you? If this is your first time in the gym, then spending hours getting fit will do you more harm than good. You are more susceptible to injuries and burnouts as a beginner and this can cause you to give up even before you start your journey. You could start with a 30-minute workout and build on it as you get your rhythm.

Type of workout

Another aspect to consider is the type of workouts you’ll be doing. Some are high-intensity while others are low-intensity. In a nutshell, you’ll need to allocate fewer minutes for a high-intensity workout and more minutes for a low-intensity workout.

For example, you can allocate high-intensity workouts on weekdays and the rest on weekends.

Flow of workouts

You are set to reap more by changing the type, duration, and intensity of workouts according to fitness experts. This is because you can work on numerous muscle groups in one session. Besides, it can help you avoid injuries, burnout, and boredom in the gym. You can juggle between leg, abs, hands, and butt exercise in one set.

Amount of rest

Like any other activity, you’ll need to take a breather during exercises. And this varies according to the type of workout. For weightlifting, you’ll need more minutes compared to cardio workouts. This allows you to recover, prepare for the next set, and even prepare your workout space.

Personal commitments

Unless you are a bodybuilder by profession, then you are more likely to have other commitments such as work and family. Don’t beat yourself too hard if you have to cut a few minutes from your workout schedules. Aim to strike a balance between the two.

Wrap up!

As you can see, the duration of a workout session depends on these factors. However, aim to follow a systematic timetable as this will help you do more workouts as you build your muscles.