3 ways to stalk on Instagram or view Instagram anonymously

3 ways to stalk on Instagram or view Instagram anonymously

There is always a point when we have stalked someone else’s profile on Instagram. It may be for fun, random exploration, or even for something witty, it is a thing now. While this is the case with public profiles, there is no method to check out stories of private accounts without letting them know.

To remain anonymous while having access to stalk someone on Instagram, you will have provided the following three ways.

  1. Create a Finsta Account

Finsta account is just a copy of the Instagram account. You can create a Finsta account to send a request to private accounts. First, add some royalty-free images on your new Finsta Account. After this, search the profile that you want to stalk and send them a request. Your fake account or Finsta account seems legitimate to the private account person so in case if he/she accepts the request, you can view their posts and stories anonymously.

  1. Use a third-party app or website

There are tons of third party websites that provide the features of viewing private Instagram account without disclosing your information. To get the best experience as an Instagram Viewer without any interruption from ads or plugin, you can go to https://www.red-telephone-box.com. It is totally free, and you will be able to check out a private account containing both stories and posts. Just enter the username of the account, and you will get the desired information.

  1. Use someone else’s account

If you are only interested in just a random or one-time view of the profile, you can use your friend’s or siblings’ account to check. You can use their account and search public accounts directly. Also, in case you want to check a private account, you can send the request. Once it is accepted, you will be able to view the account.