What most successful YouTubers have in common


To be famous on YouTube means a lot. In fact, the most popular personalities on the platform can earn an annual income of up to $20 million. However, if you’re planning to be one, the path to success is unclear.

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center from January 1 to 9, 2019 reveals that there’s no specific genre that can guarantee high viewership.

Pew Research Center scanned 43,779 channels on YouTube for the study.

Most viewed category

Videos featuring video games garner the highest number of views; however, the number only makes up 18% of the total views. Gaming YouTubers are the highest-paid in this category, like PewDiePie, who has 76 million subscribers. Still, some YouTubers under the categories that only get 3% of views even surpass PewDiePie’s fame and income.

Highest paid YouTuber

Videos featuring toys and games recorded only get 3% of the total views, but the highest-paid YouTuber, Ryan Kaji, comes from this category. The 7-year old earned $22 million in 2018. Ryan’s popularity is such that there’s a section at Target called Ryan’s World where a line of his toys is displayed. Ryan reviews toys on his channel called Ryan’s Toy Reviews. He started his YouTube career with a simple 15-minute video review of a Lego Duplo train set.

It’s not about content

The success of Ryan and all other popular vloggers on YouTube can be attributed to their personality. Jeffree Star, whose beauty channel earned him $18 million in the previous year, started out as a musician on MySpace. He had the highest number of followers on the said platform. He started on YouTube with videos about beauty how-tos, and now has his own cosmetics empire.

Vlogger Emma Chamberlain is another proof that being famous and successful on YouTube is more about personality than content. The 18-year-old became a trending name on the platform for posting videos about the most ordinary parts of her daily life. Today, she sits among the A-listers during fashion shows, and her name has appeared on may cover stories. Chamberlain’s channel falls on the miscellaneous category of the study that accounts for 34% of the total views.

For those who want to try their luck in the platform, bear in mind that it’s not about content. Even Seinfeld, which is considered one of the most successful shows of all time, was tagged as “a show about nothing.”