Store and secure your data faster with DearMob


Your iPhone holds a lot of your relevant and irreplaceable data. All of them gone in an instant when your phone breaks, or worse; it gets lost or stolen.

Fortunately, you can create backup for these files with cloud or off-device backups like your laptop. This method can help you quickly recover your data in the event that your Apple device breaks down. It will also be easier to set-up a new device in case you decide to replace your phone later on.

Cons of Apple Backups

iTunes permits you to back up your iPhone’s data on your desktop computer. It’s free, but it can also get tricky to use. Backing up using iTunes takes up your computer’s storage space, which can be a problem when you have a low-storage computer. iTunes also doesn’t allow selective backups.

iCloud, on the other hand, will enable you to store your data on Apple servers. You can access these servers anywhere with a web connection, making this option more convenient than iTunes. The problem, however, is that Apple servers can get hacked, which already happened once, putting your personal data at stake. Like iTunes, this option doesn’t allow partial backups. Further, the free iCloud storage is only 5mb, which is small, so you’d need to purchase bigger storage which you’ll need to pay monthly.

Backup options

There are several other ways to secure your iPhone data aside from the options offered by Apple. One is through the DearMob iPhone Manager, a computer software which provides an array of tools that Apple does not offer.

DearMob allows partial backups meaning you can select what certain files to back up, such as your photos or songs. Additionally, it enables you to save a range of files with different formats. You can also protect your files by installing a password. In just a click, your files are securely backed up.