Why Does My Message Only Have One Tick in WhatsApp?

Why Does My Message Only Have One Tick in WhatsApp?

Whether you’re just getting on the Whatsapp platform or you’ve been there for quite some time and are now only beginning to realize a few things, sooner or later, everyone starts to wonder about the ticks or checkmark features that this social media platform offers.

Messaging Format and Style

To start with, it bears mentioning that every chat-based social media platform has their own unique way of letting a user know when a set task has been performed. When it comes to Whatsapp and their messaging features and capabilities, they usually let a tick or checkmark (and the color of it) indicate to a user that a task has been completed.

Number of Ticks and Their Colors

Moving forward, you have to keep in mind that there are various numbers of ticks and colors on Whatsapp. What they mean will be usually determined by what stage of the messaging process you are at any given point in time.

One Tick (Grey)

This is the type of tick that appears on the screen of your device after you have freshly composed and sent a message to a third party on Whatsapp. This tick simply means that your message has been sent. It doesn’t imply in any way that the person that you sent it to has gotten it.

If your tick remains grey, it usually implies one of two things; either the person you messaged hasn’t come online/has a poor connection where they or they have added you to their blocked list.

Two Ticks (Grey)

When you see this indicator, it is to let you know that the message you sent has been delivered to the target individual but they are yet to open the contents of it.

Two Ticks (Blue)

This is a sign that you message has been sent, delivered, and read.

And know, you know all there is to know about the ticks and checkmarks that this platform displays!