How To Verify WhatsApp without Using your Phone Number

How To Verify WhatsApp without Using your Phone Number

In recent times, social media has grown far beyond imaginable scope. What was once seemingly reserved for a select few has now come to span the globe in a way that cannot be easily described with mere words. There are a lot of reasons why this platform of communication has managed to gain so much acclaim in such a relatively short length of time. We’ll be delving briefly into the more cogent reasons summarily now.

To start with, social media as a whole seems to comfortably appeal to various people on various levels for multiple reasons. As an example, not only can it be used as a medium of communication between friends and family, businesses can harness the vast potential that it offers and use the right things to channel that and convert it into sustainable profit for their enterprises. There are a host of other reasons why social media has come to become is important to everyday life and living.

Among the numerous platforms in use today however, a few have successfully managed to become even more popular and used than their counterparts.

One of these platforms is referred to as WhatsApp. Over the years, the number of people that have come to subscribe to the active use of this social media platform has only continued to increase.

A few reasons can be easily attributed to why that is the case today. As an instance, it is a platform that has proven to be extremely user-friendly, offering an engaging space where people who aren’t even all that tech-savvy navigate its features with relative ease. In addition to this, considering the fact that it is a highly innovative social media platform, it readily lends itself to use on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop computers.

The Problem

Even though everything seems great on the surface with this resource, the current state of the world compels it to present a few seemingly unavoidable and escapable problems. The first, glaring and perhaps most important of which is that fact that you have to validate your account with a functional phone number, if you want to get access to any of its features!

While this might not seem like much of an issue at the start, consider that this is private information you are giving out.

In this day and age, the truth remains that there is truly no telling what information you might unwittingly give out that will compromise your safety and security.

As such, the best thing that you can do here is find a sure way to circumvent the problem that this platform presents. How do you successfully manage this feat? Here are a few things you can do!

Leverage an Online SMS Platform

You can use any number of the numerous SMS platforms out there today to receive and then input the verification code that WhatsApp sends during your registration process.

Use a Landline

Alternatively, depending on how liberal you want to get with your landline number, you can simply sue that number to register, receive any necessary registration details on it and proceed with your registration.

The Best Way

Arguably the best route you can go is use a virtual number. It is simple and easy to get. Once you procure yours here, you can go on with your registration on Whatsapp. The best part it is it is a resource you can leverage repeatedly which is not directly traceable to you, always keeping you secure!

So, have a fun time on Whatsapp now!