5 SUPER Easy Tricks to Look Good in 2019


We always want to look good, especially when we are dealing with different people.  Of course, we cannot just afford to be complacent and complain once we get bullied.

Now, if you want to look beautiful and handsome this year, just consider the following super easy tricks.

1.Sleeping is the Best. Getting enough sleep will make your skin and hair look healthy and vibrant. Also, long hours of sleep will eliminate wrinkles and annoying eyebags, leaving that light and refreshing aura in your face.

2.Stick on Less. This year’s beauty regimen suggests that applying lesser makeup will make you look more appealing. Thus, you need to refrain from using dark-shaded blush on or even dominating lipstick. Using a light-colored foundation is enough to protect your face amidst the sun’s blazing heat.

3.Wet and Loose. You don’t need to purchase an expensive hair revitalizing product this year; instead, what you only need is to do some witty tricks to keep your hair look alive.

Before going to sleep, you can wet your hair and then tie it with a braid. Once you wake up, remove the tie and then put some conditioner. Expect a salon-like healthy hair if you follow this tip.

4.Treat Yourself. To look beautiful or handsome, you must treat yourself once in a while. You can spend quality time watching movies on Netflix. Or you can also visit some notable places to make you more relaxed and stress-free.

5.Clean Your Kit. To keep your makeup kit in good shape, you must clean it after each use. If you want to wash your makeup kit, you can use baby soap or even facial wash to get the job done.

These five tips for you to look good this year only focus on physical aspect. But looking beautiful isn’t always about the physical look. What’s inside and the way we conduct ourselves also define the beauty that we have. For you to really succeed in life, you must also have a great personality inside out.