The Waste of Fashion and how to Fix It


The fashion field has been steering for such a long time now and with the help of modern technology, innovative and fresh designs keep getting released to the general public. But it doesn’t always go and look that way.

The Waste

Stephanie Benedetto was a very materialistic girl. Specifically, she was a wild child of fabrics. By the time that Benedetto was on the right age, she, unfortunately, decided not to handle the family’s business. According to her, she loved what they do but she disliked all the trash it creates. 

This particular line of work has a quick turnover which results in producing too much junk or garbage. It is said that every year, the textile manufacturing industries produce 92 million tons of various rubbish and sadly, most of these go to junkyards or incinerated which release toxic gasses to the atmosphere.

In addition to that, the supply chains for the businesses have been unstable too. The industry’s logistics network has excessive parts that started to come out from their seams. Benedetto says that there are massive problems especially when it comes to unused raw materials.

Block Chain: The Solution

The production of money from waste has existed for quite some time. It started form the idea that waste could be recycled or reused, making the manufacturing system more efficient. One form of this waste recycling/reuse is the turning of manure into energy, which helps in decreasing the carbon footprint of the Agricultural industry.

In the modern society, economers call this concept of turning litter into dollars as BPS or in different terms, by-product-synergy.

What people need to do is hunt down all the reasons and processes that created the waste and then, successfully discover it. Blockchain is believed to be the perfect tool for doing just that. “It’s a trust machine,” says Eric Piscini, the former blockchain lead at Deloitte and CEO of Citizens Reserve.