Know How To Lessen Your Carbon FootPrint


With the extreme effect of climate change in full swing, humans are left with only two options: to help or to adapt. There isn’t much choice since the impact of our every move affects the planet. Looking at the brighter side, the small positive changes you make can create a huge difference for the environment tomorrow.

Since everyone is afraid of the doom’s day to happen due to man’s selfishness, people have decided to free their conscience of the negative impact they create on to the environment. To do this, they have decided to live a low carbon life. We are here to discuss how you can be like them and how this will help the Earth heal its wounds.

Use Renewable Energy Sources

One way of lessening your carbon footprint is by using renewable energy sources in your home. It is easy to buy, to install, and to use solar panels in residential homes. This will have a huge difference in the emissions caused by fossil fuel energy.

Electric cars are a huge thing now. It does not produce harmful gas emissions, unlike cars that use gasoline. You can even switch to bikes or to walking for short trips instead of riding public vehicles.

Planting and Making Food

By switching to a higher percentage of vegan diet, carbon emissions are reduced by not supporting livestock. Switch to organic and support small farmers.

It will be more fun if you try to plant your favorite fruits and vegetables. The availability of fruits and veggies are seasonal but you will never run out of your favorite fruit if you try to raise the plants in your garden.

Recycle Your Stuff

Before trying to dump everything in the trash, try to repair and recycle some broken stuff that might be needing a little love. Things that could be fixed include clothing, toys, furniture, etc.

Reuse Water

Some people fail to recognize that they can reuse simple water waste. Try collecting the water from your sink drain and using it to flush your toilet. It is a simple taste with very minimal effort.

Keep in mind that these small acts kindness towards the planet may not make a massive change, but it gives you a clear mind and the chance to influence other people. If only people worked hand-in-hand to make a significant effect on the planet, everyone will see how far we can go.