Bicycle: Future’s Favorite Transportation


If it weren’t for the invention of a two-wheeled device, we wouldn’t have what most people love today – the bicycle. This invention is among the top innovative ideas ever created.

History of Bicycle

It is a young mechanic named Monsieur Lallement who invented a two-wheeled device with a cranked pedal. He later patented his invention called velocipede. This constructed design lacked gears and chains, but it worked well except for the missing brakes that led him spiraling downhill.

Later on, Penny Farthing invented a similarly designed vehicle but with an enormous five-foot tall front wheel making it extremely fast. Young men use it to race against each other and prove their fearlessness.

The next improvisation is the safety bicycle. It came with a chain, gears, and equal-sized wheels. Women wearing dresses during that time can safely ride the vehicle. It was liberating for women of that age to know how to ride a bike.

Impact of Bicycle to the Society

No one really anticipated the effect that a simple invention could do. It started as a simple vehicle used by smart young boys. It led women of another generation to have the power to attend school even if they live far away. Even the famous player, LeBron James, supplied bikes to a school in his hometown. He said he felt free and like he was on top of the world while on a bike.

Over the last century, manufacturing companies keep improving the design of bicycles. These innovative improvements allow manufacturers to keep the cost low and affordable.

Over the past few years, bicycle production Increased to 120 million pieces each year and may double in the coming years. People could foresee that bicycles would be technologically advanced as well, and we might start operating it through applications and smartphones.

The market for bicycle renting has increased as well because there are over 10 million bikes for rent in circulation. Other companies are considering to expand and to invest in electric scooters and electric bikes to lessen the cars on the road.

Given that the new generation of automobiles will be free from pollution, more people are encouraged to use bicycles because it is the easiest way to get around different areas. Plus, it is the cheapest vehicle available for all.