Intrauterine Devices as a Birth Control Method


Women have always taught of using IUDs or intrauterine devices as a way for them to survive the next four years. These IUDs are small, plastic T-shaped devices that contains synthetic hormones or wrapped with copper coil. They are inserted to your uterus so that you can avoid getting pregnant for a couple of years. Together with the seldomly used hormonal implants applied to your arm, they are known as the long-acting reversible contraception or LARC.

But with the recent news of repealing the Affordable Care Act that mandates free contraception, more and more women are now seizing the opportunity to avail of this long-lasting contraceptive method before its gone.

Satisfaction while on IUD

It all started from a study called the Contraceptive CHOICE research project founded by an anonymous donor that is now known as the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. The said project was established to increase LARC usage to women that are at risk of unplanned pregnancy.

While the study yielded great results as IUD discontinuation rates skyrocketed among the research participants, there is still a significant number of participants that chose not to continue using the IUD, citing unsatisfaction when using the device. Reasons include pain, bleeding changes and other side effects. Aside from that, some also reported that their body withdrew the foreign object. But looking on the bright side, studies are being done to ease any discomfort that some women may experience when using the contraceptive.

Should you use IUDs?

The “LARC-first” movement tells us that the effectiveness of a certain contraceptive method is the only thing you should consider.

After all, you would surely choose something that is 99% effective than one that has a lower effectiveness rate. However, a lot of women also considers other factors like possible side effects and health risks when choosing a birth control method.

A lot of groups especially women’s rights and birth control advocates are recommending LARCs as a primary birth control method, but we must remember that everyone – whether you’re a man or a woman – has their own preference when choosing a contraceptive method. After all, the main solution to having a better birth control method is by respecting and taking into consideration everyone’s preferences when it comes to birth control and using the wonders of science to craft methods that meets their needs and expectations.