Go or No: Private Jet Travel With Your Pet


Pet owners have two options if they want to travel with their pet, either by air or by land. Both options have their own upsides and downsides. Although land trip is the usual option availed by many, flying via commercial planes is a viable option for pet owners as well. However, commercial planes have been reported to pose danger, not to mention health risks, to pets on board.

Recently, a new way of air travel is rising into popularity – air travel by private jet. Recent reports in aviation flights reveal that private aircraft bookings for pets are on a steady upward rise. But before you decide to book a jet, read on the following post so that you will have a clear idea of whether flying exclusively is the right choice for you.

Downsides of Flying Commercial with Pets

Air travel considerably cuts down travel time, but flying privately does not come cheap. However, choosing to book a commercial flight has a lot of downsides that would make you feel that, maybe, it’s better to just drive to the location.

Animals are recommended to be put in a crate or cage on board. This is not comfortable for most animals. Flying becomes an awful encounter for them and, therefore, may lead to stress. You will need to train your pet to feel relaxed inside a crate. It will take some time before they get used to that kind of set up.

Also, commercial travel with other unknown creatures poses a health risk to your own beloved pet. There are plenty of reports of virus and other illness transmissions among the animals occupying the same flight. Another downside is that most airline companies have a list of restricted animals, particularly on different dog breeds, as most of them exhibit sensitivity to air travel. The experience is not necessarily a convenient one for any pet owner who simply wants a hassle-free trip with their pet.

Pros of Flying on a Private Plane with Pets

Private jet travel is the quickest and secure way to get to wherever location you need to go.

Private jet travel is the quickest and secure way to get to wherever location you need to go. The luxurious experience exclusive jet offers have made the whole journey less stressful to pets as opposed to public flights. Most pets get anxious when left in an unknown area, which is the case for general flights.

Flying by a jet makes pets at ease in the cabin itself, and not in the storage area where the luggage and other package are on-boarded. The flight allows pets to mingle with their owners. They get to sit on their owners’ lap, eat treats, and play toys while flying.

Finally, private jets allow different kinds of animals to get on board. So whether you have a pot-belly pig, a cat, or a rare breed of dog, it doesn’t matter because they have few restrictions on what pets to allow.