Fashion Report: Hot Trends 2019


The dust has settled on all major fashion shows around the globe and all the fashion trends for 2019 have been revealed. Now everybody wants to get their hands into that hot piece of clothing that would be perfect for the coming summer season.

Here is a condensed list of all hot trends you will ever need in 2019 to satisfy your fashion thirst:

#1 50s Couture

The cutting-edge style of the 50s is back as evidenced by the abundance of the theme present in major fashion shows from Paris all the way to New York. Ruffles, feathers, ribbons, tulle, satin…name whatever fabric or material you want as long as it highlights feminine silhouettes in an exaggerated way, then it’s in.

#2 Made to Dance

Apparently, dance clothes is a major inspiration for the SS 2019 collections of designers such as Maria Grazia Chiuri and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh. are also in. Ballerina skirts paired with trainer shoes is just an example of an ensemble you could wear. The idea is really to exude that sports vibe.

#3 Back to the 60s

The 1960s is a decade that brought casual clothing to the front line of fashion trend. It continues to inspire fashion in modern times and 2019 is no exception. Pieces with floral patterns and psychedelic designs are the best examples of this trend. Skirts and mini dresses where you can move freely fall to this category also.

#4 Nude Palette

All things nude and beige are hot items. Ensembles in any shade ranging from crème to heavy amaretto is a worthy pick up.

#5 Out with the Jogger, In with the Cycling

Cycling shorts are making a major comeback this season. Pick up those pieces because they will be selling like hot pancakes as soon as released. You might as well learn how to cycle while you’re at it.

#6 Craft Fashion

Something handmade is perfect to achieve that bohemian vibe, which will always have a market anytime. Anything knitted, artisanally crafted and embellished with materials such as bead and tiny trinkets fall under this style.

#7 Summer Outfits

Raf Simons has made Jaws a hot fashion trend that is very appropriate for the coming summer. Inspiration includes shirts with prints embodying surfing or that hot California vibe paired with acid-washed denim.