When should I replace my laptop battery?

When should I replace my laptop battery?

Wondering if your battery is dead or needs replacement? Here is how to tell, but first a simple answer to this question:

When should I replace my battery?

Once you experience a sudden shutdown, be sure to replace the laptop battery. Also if it doesn’t charge to capacity, it is an indication that it needs replacement.

How to tell if the laptop battery is dead

While it might seem easy to distinguish between a healthy and dead battery, it is far from the truth. This is particularly true if you run your laptop plugged in. so how can you tell if it’s dead? Here is how; once you unplug it from the power source and it dies immediately, then your battery is dead.

This means you’ll need to replace it with a new one. Better still, if you are using it under the warranty period, contact the merchant you bought it from for a free battery exchange.

How to check if your battery is dying

If you are wondering if it’s dying, you can carry out a simple analysis. While plugged in, right-click on the battery icon and check whether it is still charging. If not, then something is amiss with the battery.

To address this, you can calibrate it. Calibration is the process of completely discharging the battery and then charging it again. Make sure to calibrate your battery often to keep it in check.

 How to calibrate a laptop battery

  • Plug the laptop in to a power source until it reaches 100%.
  • As it charges, go to control panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options, then click on edit plan
  • Set Sleep and Screen option to “Never” when using the battery.

This allows the battery to discharge completely.

Follow the above steps then:

  • Click “Change advanced power settings”
  • Click on battery
  • From the dropdown menu click Critical batter action. Ensure settings are set to hibernate
  • Click critical battery level and set it to 5%

Now, once it has reached 100%, unplug it and let it discharge to 5%. During this period, you can use the laptop as you normally do. Once it reaches 5%, let it hibernate for 5 hours and then plug it in and let it charge to 100%.