Can cold weather ruin a laptop?

Can cold weather ruin a laptop?

Does cold weather ruin a laptop? Yes, it does. Here is why. Your laptop is intended to operate between 10 and 35 degrees. A lower temperature than the pre-determined can make your laptop malfunction. In this article, we look at how low temperatures affect your laptop and how to prevent damage in such conditions.

How cold weather ruins your laptop

  • Keyboard malfunction: if pockets of humid air form underneath the keyboard, the keys will malfunction.
  • Battery malfunction: in low temperatures, a battery discharges rapidly and does not charge to full capacity. This can reduce its lifespan.
  • Short circuit: since the condensed water collects on internal components, it can conduct electricity that can cause short circuits.
  • Hard drive malfunction: the hard drive might freeze leading to loss of crucial data.

How to maintain your laptop in cold weather

Consider buying a ruggedized laptop

Ruggedized laptops are intended to perform in extreme conditions such as cold weather. However, they are more expensive compared to average ones. If you cannot afford to buy one, consider leasing from a friend who owns one.

Store it properly

Laptops are not meant to be exposed to weather elements, as such, you should store them indoors. Consider buying a woolen pouch to keep it warm. Cold weather can cause the screen to freeze damaging the pixels hence poor image quality.

Warm it up

If you’ve been out in the cold with your laptop, you should warm it up or let it stabilize to room temperature. You can buy laptop warmers that are designed to keep the machine warm even in severe weather conditions.

Ensure optimal air circulation

It is common for people to use their laptops while in the bag during cold weather. Unfortunately, this leads to heat buildup which can damage your laptop. Consider buying a box that will allow air circulation as you use it.

Final verdict

It’s no doubt that your laptop is a valuable commodity that should be kept in the optimum state. If you are in cold-weather regions, consider following the above tips to keep your laptop in check.