How To Cross-Play Minecraft On PC And Xbox?

How To Cross-Play Minecraft On PC And Xbox

Minecraft has reached the highest level of popularity because of its exciting and unique features. Since it can be played on many platforms, almost all types of gamers enjoy playing it.

However, many people face difficulties while playing it because they find it hard to connect with people on the other platform. 

This article has provided a detailed method through which you can cross-play Minecraft on PC and Xbox with your friends. 

Cross-play Gaming

Cross-play gaming means playing with people on other platforms irrespective of the console, computer, or system they use. Many games support this functionality. Minecraft is one of them and is extremely popular among gamers. Although the cross-playing feature was not available in Minecraft’s earlier version, it is now an integral part of the game.

Cross-play Support

Minecraft started as only a PC game, but with time, it has taken over all the other platforms. This cross-platform feature can be enjoyed by people all over the world no matter what computer, console, or system they use. Since it is available on Windows, Xbox, Android, PlayStation, etc., you can get just the game and enjoy it.

Cross-playing Minecraft on PC and Xbox

Cross-playing Minecraft requires an Xbox account to be linked with a Minecraft account. Start Minecraft on Windows PC and sign-in with your Xbox credentials. Make sure that your friends also do the same to link accounts and play together. By doing this, you can add your friends easily.

To cross-play Minecraft on PC and Xbox, you will need to follow the underlying method. 

  1. Open Xbox’s website and log in to your Xbox account. 
  2. Select the “My Xbox” option and select Friends. 
  3. Type your friend’s name in the search bar and add them.

Through this method, you can easily set up Minecraft in a cross-platform way.